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Francesco Zappala', DJ. Born in Earth-Italy, Palermo. Grew up in Rome.


In the mid-80s, begins to take its first steps in the disco of the city, with hip-hop and electronic british pop music.

Since 1986 play music house, acid, techno.


In 1990 became the runner up, the DMC World competition-scratch-cutting-tricks- at Wembley Arena in London. Fiirst italian DJ, in the Battle for World Supremacy (USA), winning 2° place.


In the 90s, it becomes a point of reference in the Italian scene electronic-acid-techno-house.

He has played in the best Italian clubs, Cocoricò-Peter Pan-Jaiss-Tinì-Imperiale-Duplè-Alterego-Piper and others. Around the world Pacha-Space-Amnesia-Suicide Circus-

Kit Kat-Arena.


Cooperates with the crew of Dada Revolution-Mongolfiere Libere-Jaiss-Direction Crew

Born to play music